Applying William James’ Pragmatism

There are many reasons to believe in God, some of which aren't very good. However, there are patterns and designs that suggest there might be a god, but this isn't the place for natural theology. What I would like to discuss is William James' pragmatism which attempts to make judgements and relieve the mind from … Continue reading Applying William James’ Pragmatism

The Philosophical Toolbox

There is no public or absolute perspective by which to study reality and our place there within. The freshmen philosopher, still trying to get his sea legs, will enounter countless philosophical methods, each with their own set of conclusions. Instead of the false belief that all of them are inferior to one single method, consider … Continue reading The Philosophical Toolbox

William James: The Mind-Stuff Theory

Principles of Psychology: The Mind-Stuff Theory Evolutionary Psychology Demands a Mind-Dust.   In a general theory of evolution the inorganic comes first, then the lowest forms of animal and vegetable life, then forms of life that possess mentality, and finally those like ourselves that possess it in a high degree. As long as we keep … Continue reading William James: The Mind-Stuff Theory