The Problems of AI Consciousness

In 1996 a chess program named Deep Blue was set against Garry Kasparov, the world chess champion. Garry won 4-2. However, the next year Deep Blue was mightily upgraded and Garry lost. The question I want to pose to you is this: did Deep Blue ever actually play a game of chess? I mean, did … Continue reading The Problems of AI Consciousness

Mary, Quite Contrary: Consciousness Unexplained

What is the ultimate nature of reality? In Philosophy of mind, there are many positions regarding what has real being. On a commonsense level, dualism seems to be the reality. Thoughts, beliefs, and qualia really do seem to be different from tables, apples, and automobiles; therefore, according to dualists, there are two types of stuff … Continue reading Mary, Quite Contrary: Consciousness Unexplained