A Gloss on Fichte’s Way Towards a Blessed Life

Only when one abandons individuality, which is materiality itself, can there be an eternal life. As an individual entity you’re a material particular entity, and it is in abandoning that, and surrendering oneself to the good of the whole that the possibility of a life that transcends mere materiality becomes possible -Daniel Robinson


Traversing the Twisted Seas of Philosophy

I once heard a philosophy peer say that reality is a strange fiction. I questioned how he ever made it to the market and back, surely he must have great friends who take good care of him. When entering the shipyard of philosophy we have eyes of innocence. We have principles that have gone unquestioned … Continue reading Traversing the Twisted Seas of Philosophy

Aristotle on Virtue

Virtue too is distinguished into kinds in accordance with this difference; for we say that some of the virtues are intellectual and others moral, philosophical wisdom and understanding and [prudence] being intellectual, liberality and temperance moral.” (Book I, Chapter 13, 1103a 4-7) “The wise individual personifies,” Daniel said, “the intellectual virtues, whereas the self-restrained, moderate … Continue reading Aristotle on Virtue

Depth Psychology Hidden Within Greek Myth and Tragedy

  “There he is,” Frank said. Frank, Daniel had learned, was the group leader. He was a retired philosophy professor.                “There he is!” the woman said holding her wine glass high followed by taking a large sip.               “Excuse my better half, Daniel, she’s ahead of the game here,” Percy said while pointing to … Continue reading Depth Psychology Hidden Within Greek Myth and Tragedy

William James: The Mind-Stuff Theory

Principles of Psychology: The Mind-Stuff Theory Evolutionary Psychology Demands a Mind-Dust.   In a general theory of evolution the inorganic comes first, then the lowest forms of animal and vegetable life, then forms of life that possess mentality, and finally those like ourselves that possess it in a high degree. As long as we keep … Continue reading William James: The Mind-Stuff Theory