The Four Winds

That night, while Daedalus rested, he was visited by a cloaked man. The man leaned over Daedalus and put two fingers on his eyes, and suddenly Daedalus’ mind awakened. Waves of emotions came crashing over him, heavily hitting him hard. The booming, buzzing confusion arrested him. Then the gears in his brain started to move … Continue reading The Four Winds


The Bifurcating Path

Beat... beat... beat... her heart beats as I watch her bare back expand with every breath. From time to time rare individuals arise in history who express love as easily as the sun gives out heat. Daniel awakened just moments ago on his birthday. He never mentioned his birthdays, he never wanted to  be the … Continue reading The Bifurcating Path

Chapter 1: Prologue

… … … … … The beat and the pulse strengthen. His hair rises on his arms as if electrical currents were running through his veins. He begins to breathe in and out as his hands turn to fists. … … … … … Seeing blackness, his eyes then flicker and squint as they slowly adjust to the flickering light above.