In the Beginning

In the beginning was the logos, the reason for it all… In the vast, emptiness of space, arose a single point, a divine soul which named itself Chaos. It contemplated for eons in solitude. However, once Chaos opened its onyx eyes, only to realize and see the wonderment of it all, it felt the pull … Continue reading In the Beginning


The Contemplative Titan

  Prometheus stood there atop the precipice, peering out with a contemplative concern towards Daniel Daedalus, his path will be trodden and tough, but he knows the young man will not give up. Once he makes his way through the labyrinth there is no stopping him. He will not cower, for he will stand firm … Continue reading The Contemplative Titan

Chapter 1: Prologue

… … … … … The beat and the pulse strengthen. His hair rises on his arms as if electrical currents were running through his veins. He begins to breathe in and out as his hands turn to fists. … … … … … Seeing blackness, his eyes then flicker and squint as they slowly adjust to the flickering light above.