Thomas Reid: The Father of Common Sense Philosophy

The stakes of philosophy are often high. How we answer the problems of knowledge, of conduct and of governance governs our way of life for those that live according to their own philosophy. Modern philosophy has some original defect which originated with Des Cartes (1596-1650) starting it off with absolute skepticism, to which he could … Continue reading Thomas Reid: The Father of Common Sense Philosophy


Mary, Quite Contrary: Consciousness Unexplained

What is the ultimate nature of reality? In Philosophy of mind, there are many positions regarding what has real being. On a commonsense level, dualism seems to be the reality. Thoughts, beliefs, and qualia really do seem to be different from tables, apples, and automobiles; therefore, according to dualists, there are two types of stuff … Continue reading Mary, Quite Contrary: Consciousness Unexplained

William James: The Mind-Stuff Theory

Principles of Psychology: The Mind-Stuff Theory Evolutionary Psychology Demands a Mind-Dust.   In a general theory of evolution the inorganic comes first, then the lowest forms of animal and vegetable life, then forms of life that possess mentality, and finally those like ourselves that possess it in a high degree. As long as we keep … Continue reading William James: The Mind-Stuff Theory