The Bifurcating Path

Beat... beat... beat... her heart beats as I watch her bare back expand with every breath. From time to time rare individuals arise in history who express love as easily as the sun gives out heat. Daniel awakened just moments ago on his birthday. He never mentioned his birthdays, he never wanted to  be the … Continue reading The Bifurcating Path


Tennyson’s In Memoriam A.H.H.

Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892), a Victorian poet, completed his In Memoriam in 1849 where he wrestled with the contradictions between the idea of a providential god with the evolutionary and materialistic science of the day after the death of his best friend. The poem is divided into 133 cantos. He was son to a clergy … Continue reading Tennyson’s In Memoriam A.H.H.

Depth Psychology Hidden Within Greek Myth and Tragedy

  “There he is,” Frank said. Frank, Daniel had learned, was the group leader. He was a retired philosophy professor.                “There he is!” the woman said holding her wine glass high followed by taking a large sip.               “Excuse my better half, Daniel, she’s ahead of the game here,” Percy said while pointing to … Continue reading Depth Psychology Hidden Within Greek Myth and Tragedy

Plato: The Symposium and the Ladder of Love

  The Symposium is a dialogue dedicated to beauty and love. Entering the conversation on love, the playwright, Aristophanes, describes a mythic age. He tells us of creatures that have two sets of legs, two sets of arms, and two heads. They were complete creatures completely in love from head to heart. Hubristically, they believed they … Continue reading Plato: The Symposium and the Ladder of Love