Mephisto as 18th century Morpheus (From The Matrix)

Interesting new Faust hot-take inspired form a friend: Faust (Neo), clapped up in a tight office doing meaningless work that numbs the mind, has no purpose, at least no fruits of his labor. God (the machines) anoint him special so he’s been given a pointless career in academia, but behind the scene he plays a special function. Mephisto (Morpheus) gives Faust a choice, sign the contract (take red pill), and follow him to escape academia (The matrix) to achieve material goodness (for Faust and for Neo the end is the same, extending human freedom.) The devil is Morpheus from the Matrix, a promethean hero who gives the means for Faust to become a historical character on the world stage (I.E. Hegel)

By the by, I realize I’m forcing comparison a bit. Also, I believe academics have a great job and perform a great good for humanity. This is just Faust’s experience because he’s convinced he knows everything, and he’s come to the point where he’s a… Romantic nihilist? haha If there is such a thing!


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