New Revelations in Goethe’s Faust

Welp, I just finished reading Goethe's Faust *again*. I combed through it with the help of a good group of people Things I learned this time through which I didn't realize in my previous reads. (1) When Faust translates the bible to "In the Beginning is the Act!" I believe this is foreshadowing the end … Continue reading New Revelations in Goethe’s Faust

Trying to Decide on a Book to Read?

When I'm at the impasse of which book I should read next, I ask what emotions I'm dealing with; which ideas am I concerned with at this stage of my life. Is there something you can't let go? Is there someone you miss? Are you on the precipice of a moral crisis? Do you feel … Continue reading Trying to Decide on a Book to Read?