Dante’s Purgatorio: The Necessity of Christ

“Foolish is he who hopes our intellect

can reach the end of that unending road

only one Substance in three Persons follows.

Confine yourselves, o human, to the quia,

had you been able to see all, there would

have been no need for Mary to give birth.

You saw the fruitless longing of those men

who would–if reason could–have been content,

those whose desire eternally laments:

I speak of Aristotle and Plato–

and many others.”

Dante’s Purgatorio, Canto III (lines 34-44)

The trinity is the ultimate mystery beyond human comprehension. The term Quia means the fact, not the reason it is so. The latin word is taken from philosophical terminology. If the human mind had been able to fathom god’s mysteries it would not have been necessary for Christ to come to Earth and reveal the; And in any case the great pagan thinkers would have come to now them and would now be saved.