The Moral of Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Shakespeare doesn’t moralize, he just writes, and his characterology is masterful. But after having read Hamlet, what a person would think upon reflection is, that if Hamlet would have just walked away, chilled the fuck out in some other castle or at a university, cooled his chaos, vented into the void, everything would have been just fine. Instead, he came home, had a psychotic episode, crashed into unstoppable paranoia, and rocked complete desolation upon the royal and noble families.

So next time you start to think like Hamlet, when you’re losing your fucking mind, indecisive if you should strike back or defend yourself,–or, and here’s the real kicker–if you *ever* feel the need to quote Hamlet (lol) just drop what you’re doing and walk the fuck away! You know how Hamlet ends, don’t be an asshole!