Just Published My Short Story “The Exile”

You can get the paperback on Amazon for $5.99, the Kindle for $.99 This is a short, poignant allegory which begins in the ancient city of Babylon. The protagonist is a man who wrestles with darkness, but who ceaselessly strives towards the light. However, after forty circling centuries have passed, the polymath leaves everything behind in order to share a cautionary message to mankind before their tragedy ends and curtain falls. If you don’t have the spare money but would still love to read this I will gladly give you the PDF, all of these years of learning from the great minds for free, I want to return the favor to someone else. All you have to do is press on the menu “Contact” and send me your email and I’ll send it your way.

I’ve got to say, my first book was laborious and didn’t come to me naturally. This book flowed out of me naturally, and I haven’t felt this lucid ever when writing. Everything has a purpose in this story, even in metaphor or pure thought, or an emotion I hope to rise. I truly hope you love this story as much as I feel its urgency.

All the best,

Stephen C. Pedersen