Beauty Is All the Power We Should Wield in the World.

Don’t you see that is how people must be shaken out of their dogmas? We’re like fish in water, never knowing what water is like, that it is wet. Something must force one out of the water, kicking and screaming, until that being finds what water is like, what they are like, and what the world is like. They need to be forcibly pulled out of the water to have the vision to see past the flotsam and jetsam of reality. To finally see beauty one must be willing to criticize it. To criticize it we must be in that dark place, which forces us, tooth and claw, to get to the bottom of things. Once we come to understand what the highest form of beauty is, which is Truth, then one can change their world. beauty is all the power we should wield in the world.
The Storm and Stress