The Philosophical Toolbox

There is no public or absolute perspective by which to study reality and our place there within. The freshmen philosopher, still trying to get his sea legs, will enounter countless philosophical methods, each with their own set of conclusions. Instead of the false belief that all of them are inferior to one single method, consider yourself a man with a toolbox. Once you understand Plato or Nietzsche, then add those tools to your toolbox. The hammer of science is useless when it comes to answering metaphysical questions of consciousness, freewill,  beauty, and ethics. Certainly you can’t screw a nail nor would it be wise to use a hammer to measure your line.  So we must equip ourselves with multiple tools when constructing and erecting an intelligible world. The truth is the whole truth, not just its many parts. Therefore, we must read everything. It’s why we’ve been given such a long life.

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