Traversing the Twisted Seas of Philosophy

I once heard a philosophy peer say that reality is a strange fiction. I questioned how he ever made it to the market and back, surely he must have great friends who take good care of him. When entering the shipyard of philosophy we have eyes of innocence. We have principles that have gone unquestioned because we haven’t realized we’ve been living by them our entire life. We are like fish in water unable to realize what the water is like, because it’s been a condition given since birth. However, as the tides of skepticism roll in the fog of doubt arises and we become paralyzed at sea within the turbid, turbulent waters of metaphysics, unable to see the north star. Philosophy is an odyssey where many get lost at sea. But for those with pained patience, they earn their sea legs, learn how to use a compass, study the stars, and to wait out the sea fog to finally come back home. The difference now being that they are able to articulate those principles they at first held with precision, clarity, and depth.

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