Daedalus’ Dreamworld

That night Prometheus travels into the darkest corner of the cosmos and enters the gate of horns in order to meet Morpheus, god of dreams. Morpheus’s palace has no roof, its only lights shines through the roofless palace where stairs of stars darkly illuminate the night sky.  He advances Morpheus’s throne made of obsidian.

              At the sight of Prometheus, Morpheus stands tall. “I knew you were coming here old Prometheus. You know, you and I are in some ways brothers. However, you see through cause and effect, where I see through something entirely different, don’t I? However vivid my dream was, I couldn’t ascertain the reason for this journey of yours. What is it that you want, old titan?” 

 Prometheus spoke, “Master of the subconscious mind, who lays the pure ego to rest and strikes fear in dreamers’ chests. Zeus has asked me to help humanity, will you side with him and aid me in giving them sovereignty?

“For what purpose, old titan? For one as wise as you I suspect that you must have some mischief planned, are you trying to force someone’s hand?” Morpheus gives him a skeptical look.

“I only work to give humanity another chance. My heart aches when looking down from the clouds to see beings unaware of the mysteries of life. They live by the knife and play by the dice. This is no time for them to play games or want vulgar fame. I want you to help me crack the mirrored image of themselves in order to see what reality lies beneath the surface.

With a pensive stare, Morpheus replies, “It’s only once they begin to see beneath the surface that they can understand what truly has a grip on their life, isn’t it?” Always interested in other’s affairs, he says, “Walk with me, titan, and tell me what you have in mind”

The giant titan then puts his hand on Morpheus’s shoulder and the two walk down the dark, starlit hallway, which leads to a well. Prometheus speaks into Morpheus’s ears and then the two men shake hands. Morpheus takes a vile of ink from his robe and pours it into the well. Prometheus looks down into the well and witnesses the stirring portrait of a Rorschach image evolving. The two men nod and Prometheus leaves Morpheus to his task.   


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