The Shadow

I then saw a reflection in John’s eyes as he looked behind me. I turned around and saw a well dressed hulking figure with a grey beard sitting at a table.  Resting on the edge of the table was a golden cane shimmering in the fire light. He had the presence of nobility and a serious demeaner while looking forward in john’s direction.

–John, who is that?

–An old war friend, Daniel. You better go. We have business to discuss.

–Can I meet him?

–Not now, Daniel, but soon enough you will.

–Yes, of course. John, thank you. I appreciate you. I mean that.

–Daniel, you’re like a son to me. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

Their hands clapped together in a strong shake that said goodbye. Daniel left money at the table to pay for both their bills and then headed for the door. He opened the door for sweet Nausica the love of his life. Outside peels of thunder and flashes of lightning came down from the heavens. The rain was relentless. I gave her my coat to put over her already wet hair. She was so beautiful that I had to give her a kiss right there. We walked up to the curb and as I stood there with her I saw the most curious thing. I saw a butterly beating it’s wings as it was beaten by the rain. We looked to the left and to the right but both were out of sight. Before they crossed the road, Daniel thought how far he’s come and looks at Nausica and says with genuine sincerity, “I’m happy.” And he meant it.

Nausica touched both of his cheeks and gave him a sweet kiss in the rain.  They then looked at the street but could barely see a thing besides the traffic lights which were blinking yellow and red. Gripping each other’s hand tightly they ran across the street, splashing through puddles of rain, but halfway there Daniel suddenly saw two lights to the right roaring through the rain. Out of reflex, Daniel reached out and surprised Nausica by gripping her up with his right arm, forcing her out of the way and then he felt the force of the car swipe his legs as his head suddenly hit the windshield.

Daniel feels a gentle hand holding his head…

The roaring sound of sirens drowned out the rain, and he heard a faint echo “I love you!”

A conveyor belt of lights flashed before Daniel’s eyes as he heard noises pass over him.


Into the darkness Daedalus slips into something more real than reality. There he is sitting on the precipice of earth, not really conscious of anything. He has his right arm resting atop his knee with his hand facing out, his other leg stretched out as he stares blankly before himself, unaware of the moment. A moment passes and he is blinded by the light. Then his eyes adjust to see an old man right before his eyeas as the sky turns black and clouds begin to roll.

“This is only the beginning.” The great figure says, and presses a coin in the palm of his hand.

And his presence dissipates into the into the ether of things.

Daedalus then found himself transported in a dark cavern where a ferry man awaited.

“Payment” is all he said, holding out his hand.

Daedalus, remembering the coin, gives it to the man and then boards the rocking boat and sits. The ferryman says nothing as he paddles into the darkness. The black water is silent, except for the ripples caused by the paddle of the ferryman. Daedalus can’t make out anything before him but a pale glow of light at the bow. Daniel, growing weary falls unconscious as they drift across the mass of water.

Daedalus then finds himself alert and standing in a darkened place with smoke and mirrors surrounding him. The ground was covered in water. He hears voices from above chattering as his beating breast beats harder and faster. He becomes hyper-vigilant and is arrested by the feeling of fear.

Daedalus has a sense of panic but he could not explain why. As he looked to the right and to the left he saw his reflection in the mirrors. However, his reflections were slightly disfigured. He continued walking while each step seemed more dramatic than the next. The whispers got louder, and he felt their presence surrounding him. Each image of the self was more disfigured than the next. He then begins to travers the troubling maze to find his way, but each turn only gives rise to more reflections that are more disturbing than the previous. Until, after some time, Daedalus came to a hallway of mirrors, and, peering through the fog, at the end of them was a black pane with a stone well in front of it.

As Daedalus walked up to it his reflections were staring at him in sync, waiting for something. He passed the well, which was full to the brim, but so murky and darkened he couldn’t see a thing below. He cautiously walks up to the black pane on the wall and begins to see some pattern emerge. The darkened mirror showed a faint reflection of himself, but, looking past his reflection he saw something on the other side, a shadowy figure slowly crouching his way. His chest tightened, his hands turn to fist, and its either fight or flight and Daedalus punches the mirror and it shatters only to see a hideous animal that’s unaffable approaching him. It’s coming fast, which he can’t outlast. It has haunted his dreams for far too long, feeding on all his life’s miseries and wrongs. In its eyes he see an imperfection in his reflection that disturbs even him. With haste, it comes face to face to and now Daedalus can see its onyx eyes reflecting back at him, eyes which were the darkest shade of black. It was giant in stature, with huge horns on each side of its head. Daedalus smells its stench, it’s warmth, and senses its hunger. This shadowy beast represents all atrocities he’s done, and now his time has come. Daedalus is paralyzed as he looked up at it. With one reach it grabs him by the throat and thrusts him into the well with its hand bearing down on Daedalus’ drowning him. He reached and gasped for air but it was hopeless. He tried to scratch and twist at the arm and hand but the beast is as strong as a bull and skin as tough as leather. Daedalus was beginning to lose all oxygen. He did all he could do to breathe air until, alas, he exhaled one last breath. He looked around in the darkness sinking until all was blackness…


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