Café Metaphysics

“Daniel makes a good point,“ John said. “We have all of these equations that describe physics hip and thigh, yet we don’t know the reason or why. We could go to any classroom and see that room in many different layers with microscopes and dissecting needles. We could look at is as quarks and gluons, which make up electrons and neutrons, which make the periodic table of elements evident. We can then take the brain itself, expand it to the size of a building, enter it, and we would see mostly fat, protein and water. That brain then translates into mostly neurons which are made of axons, dendrites, and the synapses betwixt them. We see causes and effects abound, but nowhere do we see a reason around. Taking a step back, no where do we see why the students are sitting in chairs and the professor at the lectern in their crosshairs. Expand this little picture to the entire point of the university and let’s use a lantern, to see the point of the community, country, and finally the cosmos and then might we be back to Aristotle’s final cause, asking ourselves, ‘What’s the point of it all?’ as we sit back in awe.”


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