Chapter 1: Prologue


<Beep>… <Beep>… <Beep>… <Beep>… <Beep>…

The beat and the pulse strengthen. His hair rises on his arms as if electrical currents were running through his veins. He begins to breathe in and out as his hands turn to fists.

<Beep>… <Beep>… <Beep>… <Beep>… <Beep>…

Seeing blackness, his eyes then flicker and squint as they slowly adjust to the flickering light above.

<Beep>… <Beep>… <Beep>… <Beep>… <Beep>…

He then blinks his eyes once more. With pupils dilated, his eyes focus.

<Beep>… <Beep>… <Beep>… <Beep>… <Beep>…

Rising from his bed he then looks around. Confused, finds himself alone in a hospital room surrounded and hooked up to monitors and other alien machines.

<Beep>… <Beep>… <Beep>… <Beep>… <Beep>…

He tears the monitors off his chest. He turns his head to the right only to see dead daffodils in a vase next to a large window. Outside there are flashes of lightning, and peals of thunder, with rain pouring down from the sky. He hears the weight of the harrowing wind pressing upon the pane glass window. Facing the window outside, he has a second story view of the tempest reckoning upon the hospital’s courtyard with tree branches bending, looking as if they could break at any moment. Curiously, he tilts his head as he sees a purple butterfly being beaten by rain while beating its wings. It then disappears into the storm.

He rolls over to the left side of his bed, while wearing nothing but a hospital gown. He then attempts to gets up, but he feels weakened, but he still strives. Then a sudden sharp pain shoots through his right leg from trying to move it. Seeing a walker next to his bedside, he reaches and grabs it and rolls it near him.

“Come on, Daedalus, get up.” He feels pain shooting through his right leg as he presses it to the ground. “Get up!”

Putting his weight onto the walker, quaking, with momentum he falls out of bed and hits the floor.  He then uses his upper body strength, grabbing for the walker, but it was hopeless, he didn’t have the strength, and the pain was too great. There he was, on the floor, exhausted and in pain. Daedalus hears the door, and with a reflex, turns around…


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